Monday, June 22, 2009

Shit Spiral from Space

I must confess, the Lady Wife and I are hopelessly addicted to bad/inappropriate/sophomoric TV. An excellent example of this oeuvre is the current Sci-Fi Thriller on ABC entitled "Impact". This wildly entertaining two part drama highlights the activities of heroic scientists, politicians, army guys and everyday joes as the Moon begins an orbital death spiral soon to result in a collision with Earth. How can this happen? Well it turns out that the Moon has been impacted by a Brown Dwarf (no not Gary Coleman!) which increases its mass to 16 times that of Earth resulting in a decaying elliptical orbit replete with great special effects. Cool stuff includes massive bouts with static electricity, big waves, and best of all random reversals of gravity with people and their stuff floating helplessly skyward then plunging helplessly back to earth when the gravitational polarity flux is suddenly reversed. Its science. You get it. Right?

The first picture focuses on the whiz bang special effects but I would be remiss if I didn't provide a taste of the dramatic skills of the actors. The scene depicted on the right is where the token Asian scientist has an existential crisis which is solved entirely by scotch and a couple of monumentally glib comments from the hot blond scientist. Let's get back to the lab! Everyone is counting on us.
Here's the good news! Part two of this opus is on next Sunday at 9:00pm. Tune in for another in the great tradition of apocalypse movies. This one of course is derivative of the original Brit version "When Worlds Collide" by Phillip Wylie. The moon is one bad ass meteorite!

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