Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Tattoos?

The following video features one Danny MacAskill. I am wondering if this is his real name or perhaps a pun. The young man's balance and skill is astounding. His apparent lack of X generation tattoos is equally remarkable. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Found Art(ist)

So, I got up this morning with a minor hangover, staggered out to the living room and to my dismay saw an old pickup with what looked like construction debris in the back. After breakfast I went for a walk in the Canyon at Reed and on my return found two young men standing at the pickup. On closer inspection I found that what I initially took for construction debris turned out to be canvases and other format works of art. The young artist, Brett Bowers, was happy to pull out the pieces and display them against the side of the truck for me. Photo below is of Brett and his works. Turns out he is living in a rental just down the street and using the garage for his studio.

The Lady Wife came out and was immediately taken with Brett's work. It is bright, comical and very local. We immediately scraped together some cash and bought the painting below. It is done in acrylic on birch plywood and is called Hawthorne Slide. This is Brett's interpretation of a view south from Riverplace to the Hawthorne Bridge.

Following are some of the works he had in his truck.

You can (and should) visit Brett's website at I suspect that I have made a very good investment! Stay tuned to DRF for announcements of upcoming gallery shows in Portland...