Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Marmot

The is the best video I have ever seen of a Marmot Eating a Biscuit. I have never seen a marmot eat a biscuit. One time however a Marmot shat on my sleeping bag. My cat sits like this, what a great posture.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do Not Mistake this for Science

My lovely niece spotted this one whilst surfing the interweb. Apparently the author of this web site has confused weight lifting, deer hunting, and man toys with the science of paleontology. You will enjoy his graffic depiction of the Treeosaurus. The real "gold" however lies in the text of his website where he "explains" his theories about T-Rex and reverse tree humping.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Single Worst Bank Ever!

I'm talking about personal consumer banking here not corporate or investment "banking". If you guessed WELLS FARGO then you must have also had the misfortune of doing business with these wankers. I believe that the stage coach is an apt symbol for a bank which displays 19th century business ethics, communication infrastructure and that great indifference to its customers which was characterized by the financial sector represented by the Wild West image of the stage coach.

Following is a brief summary of Wells Fargo's incompentence, indifference and perfidy.

1. WF purchased First Interstate Bank, eliminated international banking services, and started charging onerous fees for checking accounts. This was in about 1994. I dropped out and joined a credit union.

2. This year my wife's brother died and as the executrix of his will she informed the bank of his demise and had the address changed to ours so we could be sure to get all the statements etc. This was promptly followed by a deluge of direct marketing efforts congratulating the deceased brother John on his recent "move" and offering new and better banking services. When confronted with this insensitive and lame promotion the local bank manager did not have the decency to apologize but simply blamed it on the "marketing" division with whom he had no communication.

3. The Lady Wife and I were considering purchasing a plot of land. Apparently in a state of advanced delirium I called WF and inquired about applying for a second line of credit. I endured a brief application interview over the telephone with some douche bag in North Carolina. Two weeks later I received a phone call from a young lady named "Missy" in Arizona informing me that they would require two years of personal tax returns and pay stubs as part of the application process. This was followed by a demand for copies of my corporate tax return as well. Missy asked what percent of my company I personally owned. I replied that I owned 1/3 of the stock. Missy responded with "Yes, but what percent is that?" At this point I asked her to kindly cancel my application for a loan as it was not possible for me to contemplate doing business with a "banker" who could not make the leap from 1/3 to 33 %. At my subsequent meeting with the local bank "manager". I was informed that my application had been denied. I advised him that he could not deny my application as I had already canceled it The accompanying artist's rendering of Wells Fargo Banking Zombies is an appropriate comment on the quality of WF personnel.

4. My daughter had established a checking and savings account with WF when she was still a college student. She discovered to her dismay recently that WF had charged penalties for an inactive account draining all funds from the account and then proceeded to charge overdraft fees when further penalties were assessed. Upon her protest to the local bank "manager" she was refunded $1.50 after cancellation of outstanding penalties. So, they stole $45.00 from her account with no notice then returned $1.50.

Wells Fargo Bank is a stove piped organization set up to fleece consumers through obfuscation, usurious penalties and fees, and clumsy stupid marketing promotions. Their employees are poorly trained, and completely aloof to the needs of their customers. They deserve to fail...