Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Day of Summer

Yes I know cacti aren't suppose to grow here but actually most prickly pear, and many of the agave varieties do quite well if not drowned by the winter rains. The bonus (though short lived is the summer blossoms.

This little clematis surprises me every summer with its big oversexed blossoms. I usually forget it is there until it rises once again, phoenix like from a tangle of shrubs and grasses.

I actually planted this Euphorbia Wolfii. While it looks like a "plant" it could well be classified as a noxius weed. They are dramatic, fast growing, toxic, and can be grown by a complete blithering idiot.

The first couple years for this hydrangea didn't look too good. Go figure...

The pink smoke tree has turned into a fairly large bush and will someday be a small tree.

The Yarrow in pink, yellow, and orange fires up as always

The Star Jasmine likes its new location out front. Its fragrance is almost overpowering!

This red calistemon is the smaller of the 3 we had last fall. They are a really cool drought resistant shrub from Australia. The largest one succumbed to the cold and was sent to the compost heap.

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