Friday, June 5, 2009


Last night the Lady Wife and I watched an episode of the television docu-drama "30 Days". This program takes individuals from one cultural or economic environment and plops them down in what is designed to be the opposite (rich/poor, educated/not, religious/other religion, gay/stright, etc.). The camera follows them for the next 30 days as they experience what it's like to live like the other guy. Usually this results in somewhat of an epiphany for both sides as they learn to appreciate the others situation, feelings, humanity etc.

This one really got to me. The scenario was that we had an individual Frank (actually Francisco) who is a member of the Minuteman organization which is dedicated to preventing illegal immigration from Mexico (by force if necessary). Frank is originally of Cuban ancestry and makes a lot of noise about his patriotism and how his parents entered the country legally after the Cuban revolution.

The program proceeds to drop Frank into a tiny studio apartment in East LA with a family of illegal immigrants. Frank gets a lesson in humility, hard work, and humanity, but still has a hard time overcoming his prejudice and xenophobia. If you have time, please watch the following video:

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