Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The Lady Wife and I are over the top with joy! It seems the Handsome Camel is to wed Girl on Girl Action in less than one month's time.

To those impoverished souls unfamiliar with Seth (Handsome Camel) and Elana (Girl on Girl...) please click on and begin reading their most excellent blogs proudly linked off to the left of where your eyeballs are currently focused.

This is a marriage truly made in the Blogosphere. As it turns out Girl on Girl happens to be the niece of yours truly and the Lady Wife. We will be in attendance at the grand event to take place in the City of Angels.

In order to preserve the privacy of of the ceremony and its participants and keep the paparazzi at bay I must hold the details of this event in reasonable secrecy. Any readers with less than 2 degrees of separation seeking further information on the event please contact me through your comments below.

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