Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little Creepy

The office manager at our company arrived at work today and installed this animatronic cat on her desk. While I appreciate the need to replace Pariah our previous real cat who apparently succumbed (or at least never returned on Monday morning) this thing is just a bit creepy. While the breathing is kind of cute, that fact that it is dead cold and otherwise completely paralyzed is somewhat off putting. This product was given to Deborah by her mother and of course could not be refused.

In addition to Mr. Cuddley it also came with a zippered mesh carrier (will it try to escape?) and a hair brush. I presume if it is subjected to too much brushing it will become bald. This is not an image I want to countenance. Oh well, perhaps the batteries will expire before his coat. If you want to acquire your own Perfect Pet you may acquire one at www.perfectpetzzz.com.

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