Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Championship Game

God I love sports. I really do. This is why the MTVization of events like the NCAA championship series is so disappointing.

The constant cuts to commercials make the DVR not a convenience but a necessity for enjoying any continuity to the game. Unfortunately you can't cut past the announcers frequent promotion of CBS programs with screen within a screen promos.

Worse than the constant huckstering however is the adolescent banter of the announcers in an effort to sound hip and in tune with the street lingo of the players and fans.

Transcribed in actual time, the following quotes are not from some beer addled misanthrope in the cheap seats, but from the announcers themselves.

  • He got some sweet real estate!
  • Man, that was a lower body root canal!

  • They just come at you in waves

  • Michigan is down at the half, bigtime

  • They are taller inside and bigger on the perimeter

  • Tracing the ball we call it

  • North Carolina has Spurtability (I hope this is not a reference to the aforementioned lower body root canal)

  • That word in Irish "destiny" (apropos of what I am not sure)

  • A room service down for Tyler Hansboro (huh?)

  • Michigan State needs a little foul fueled injection

  • They just haven't given them much to chew on

  • Stylin and profilin a little bit big man!

  • Sharin the sugar we call it. Spreadin it around

As they say, I couldn't make this stuff up. Great performance by North Carolina. They won. Enough said.

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