Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome New Reader!

With the recent addition of a site counter to my blog I am now able to view not only how many people (thousands!) are reading my posts but where they hail from. I would like to welcome a new reader (whoever you are) from, I am not making this up, NICEVILLE FLORIDA. I looked this up and yes, Niceville looks really nice.

Niceville as I have learned is the home of the annual Mullet Festival. I am not sure if this is a festival honoring a fish or a haircut but I suspect the latter. Please visit Niceville's website at: or better yet have a real vacation in Florida.


  1. Hello, Dean! This is Elana's friend Seth. I am, indeed, in Niceville, FL -- I'm visiting my sister and her family.

    Cool/freaky that you can see where I am!

  2. So what's up with the Mullet festival? Hair or Fish?

  3. I have grown up in Niceville and it is a great city to raise a family. Niceville has a very good school district and yes everyone is fairly nice there.. Haha. The Mullet Festival is a Annual Country Festival that we have and each year we have very well known country artist attend and sing. If you are wanting to move to the beach without the tourism Niceville is the perfect distance from the gulf coasts beautiful beaches!


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