Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

I thought blogging might be fun. I was right. It is. Some friends told me about another web based communication tool called Twitter. I have tried this and I just don't get it. The entire concept behind Twitter is the frequent answering of the question "What are you doing?". You get a limit of 140 characters to answer this fascinating question. There are two facets to this exercise:
1. Trying to think of something hip, cool, useful etc. to say in 140 words.
2. Reading the 140 word stylings of others.

Why would anyone want to know what I am doing from moment to moment? Why do I care what others are doing? Apparently I am not able to answer this question as I have succumbed to lack of interest and will be bidding a not so fond farewell to Twitter.

One more thing, I actually have a few friends whose Twitt's (is this the right term?) I have attempted to follow, but I have noticed a gradually increasing number of total strangers who are following my Twitting. Who are these people? How did they find me? Why do they want to read my posts?

I am afraid that I am just not cut out to be a Twit!

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