Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dom is Back!

Fair Reader,

You may recall an earlier post when I lamented the fact that the Lady Wife and I were forced to "adopt out" our Jack Russell terrier, Domino, due to his repeated displays of destructive behavior (eating the living room, etc.). We assuaged our guilt with the fact that we had found a home for him in the country with a loving family who were homeschooling 8 children. When we visited, Mom, Dad and the kids professed enthusiasm and dedication to taking on this new responsibility. There were a few clues that I chose to overlook: The giant velvet painting of Jesus on the wall, the two kids who looked mildly retarded, the fact that Dad had been layed off from his job repairing copy machines, the unmowed lawn etc. Nevertheless this tribe seemed keen on Domino and stated that if there were any problems they would call and if necessary we could come and pick him up.
About a week later we received a reassuring e-mail stating that Dom was sleeping on the bed and was becoming a "member of the family" I am glad that I was not a member of this family! Five months later we received a call from a veterinarian in Canby OR. He had read the chip in Dom's neck and learned our contact information. Dom had been abandoned on a farm about midway between Canby and Molalla. The folks who found him were keeping him on their farm but apparently could not do so on an extended basis. I called the Family and "Mom" informed me that the gave Dom away. This of course was bullshit. They dumped him in the country.
We retrieved Domino and found him none to worse for the wear. He had lost a few pounds, had a couple of broken teeth and a scarred ear. On the positive side he seems better able to ride in the car without puking! At the end of the day it is clear to me that Domino is our responsibility. Giving him away because we weren't doing a good enough job of caring for him was not my proudest moment. I am very glad to have Domino back. I won't be "adopting him out" again.

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