Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cognitive Dissonence

We recently, and I might add very generously, purchased a new bed for Domino (dog). He had previously been cramming himself into a laundry basket full of dirty towels. The cat, Dexter, apparently decided this was a good oportunity to establish some small measure of hedgemony over the dog who of course is measurably more stupid than the cat who is no slouch in the retard deparment either. The dog's response to this sudden and unexpected move was a decided "What the Fuck?"

The Lady Wife and I have enjoyed watching a most excellent television drama filmed on location in Nova Scotia. Our favorite character is Bubbles (pictured at right) who is a great lover of cats. There are 8 years of episodes available on Net Flicks and YouTube. Following is a link for my personal favorite episode "If You Love Something, You Must Set It Free". This is a touching tale of Bubbles love for a rather large cat. Let the viewer beware however that TPB reflects the common argot and culture of low level criminals and losers who inhabit a trailer park but don't have a clue that they are not socially successful. While the language is a little on the rough side, your can't help but enjoy...

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  1. I'm VERY excited to see the new Trailer Park Boys movie. If only I could find someone in NYC to actually watch it with me!

    ~Cate Mingoya


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