Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dutch Surprise

The Lady Wife and I are now enjoying our first days of the great Eurocation! To the right you may see the remains of our first party. No wonder everyone seems so happy here! This morning we drove into Germany.

Whilst stopping to hit the ATM we came across the first potato vending machine which I have encountered. You can actually purchase a 2 and 1/2 kilo bag 24 hours per day. Go figure!

The main event of the day was our visit to the
little village of S-Heerenberg. We enjoyed our visit to the Huis Bergh castle . We enjoyed drinking the local brew and listening to our in-laws join in a music "session". Everyone there was really old. The music included many rousing Irish and Scottish folk tunes. The enjoyment extended to the gustatory delight of devouring a plate of deep fried dough balls with meat bits chased with a fine dry Pilsner.

Below be sure to click on the video below for actual evidence of the aforementioned hootenanny!

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  1. That video is just lovely.

    And we mock the Germans, but potato-vending, that's obviously an idea WHOSE TIME HAS COME. Many's the night when at 3AM I'm all "Man! I sure wish I had some kartoffeln."


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