Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cochem Germany

The Lady Wife and I decided to visit Germany on the way to Switzerland. We spent two days in the little village of Cochem on the Mosel River. It was quite picturesque and relaxing. We were completely surrounded by septegenarians, mass quantities of vitamin P (pork) and of course castles. We found ourselves returning to the hotel in the afternoon to sleep off the vitamin P and mass quantities of beer and auslese wine. Following are some photos which should be self explanatory.

1. Germans love Kitsch

2. This place is castle crazy. They are everywhere and can be seen with German language tour for euro 4.5.
3. Vitamin P - Pork is a way of life.

4. Wine, beer and great motorcycles.


  1. Glad you are enjoying your visit to the old world. Hopefully your Belgian journey will take you to the town of Brugge, which was at one time the center of the diamond trade - 15th century. There is a really cool diamond museum, a visit may inspire you to get a piece of the rock for the Lady Wife. If you have time, take a canal tour - city was built around the canals, its a great way to see how the people of Brugge (Brugarians? Bruggers?) live. The town is on the coast, a bit of a trek from Liege.

    Another cool place near Brussels in the town of Leuven. The central square is really beautiful, the town hall was built in the 13th century and has been lovingly restored. It is a university town, so there are lots of euro babes wandering around. Do not be alarmed by the smell of burning rope.

    I hope the brats were good, I am jealous. Train travel in Europe is THE BEST. My reactionary partner Mike feels the need to drive everywhere when in Europe, thinks they are all communists for building public transport systems that work and are in general on time. He of course would drive to France (from Portland) if he could.

    Based on the commentary to date, should I assume that the Romanians are the new Turks?

    A final note of professional interest, Riverdale School in Dunthorpe is in the throes of a major construction project, to include new athletic facilities. K-8.

    Happy trails!

  2. Yes, we have just come from Brugge. We enjoyed Trappiste triple ale, mussels and frites on Markt Square. A truly amazing city. Thanks for Dunthorpe tip.


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