Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Long Hot Day

Wandering the back corners of Eastern Washington I stopped in the little town (very little) of LaCrosse to visit the local High School (sales call). I was having lunch at the Tea Kettle Cafe (only lunch spot in town) when a man ran by outside looking like he was on the run from zombies. Arms flailing he raced by the cafe. We smelled smoke. Apparently the hardware store (out of business) was on fire. This was obviously the most exciting thing to have happened in LaCrosse for a very long time.

While shooting this video I was approached by an older lady demanding "Who are you?". It turns out that she and her husband were the owners of the afflicted building. She said that they had planned on remodeling the 100 year old building and startling a grocery business (there is none in town at this time). I pointed out that it might be cheaper to start over with a new building rather than bring the old one up to code. She did not seem to broken up about the fire, despite the fact that hubbies MG was inside...

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