Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heart Healthy Crockpot Nutria

Thanks to Jack Bog's superior blog for introducing me to the following excellent website: http://www.nutria.com/site14.php. Apparently the folks in Louisiana are partial to eating Nutria.

The Nutria, for those of you who don't know, is a large rodent hailing from South America that was let loose on the American ecosystem a number of years ago by confused investors who thought they could corner the market in large rat fur. They did and then promptly released the buggers to infest our ponds, lakes and waterways.

Last year my former dog Domino (Jack Daniels terrrier) got in a battle with a Nutria which ended up costing me $250 in stitches (for the dog). There was some comic effect from Dom wearing a cone on his head for a few weeks.

Fact is, the Nutria is just not cute. You might mistake him swimming through the water for a beaver, but you will quickly note his lack of big flat tail. The Nutria eats grass. This makes him a favorite on golf courses across the country. They have very large, sharp front teeth. The gentleman to the left is in danger of loosing a digit or two.
Which brings me to the subject of eating Nutria. I have never sampled this delicacy but I would be willing to try. On a previous mission to South America, I had the good fortune of eating the Nutria's little cousing the Guinea Pig. It was scrumpdillyitious. The Nutria due to his larger size and vegetarian diet can only be better, right? Fair readers, if any of you are in the vicinity of Portland, OR and would be willing to embark on a late night hunting expedition on a local golf course with me please advise via your comment below. The first one to bag a fat Nutria, gets to watch his partner clean and skin the prize! I would think someone with the cultural background of Dwight from The Office would be keen on this...

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  1. What? No one wants to go Nutria hunting with me?


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