Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bus Your Table!

Last week my lovely wife Jenny and I stopped in at a new hip post industrial style coffee shop in the Clinton Street neighborhood of SE Portland. The coffee was good, no excellent. The pastry was satisfactory. The employees in keeping with SE Portland hip culture, were poorly groomed, nose ringed, and seemed to have a slightly arrogant edge. Outside of handing the coffee and pastry to you across the counter there was no service.

Upon departing Jenny pointed out a sign asking all patrons to bus their own tables. Call me "old school" if you like, but if I wanted to bus my own table I would simply dine at home. I am puzzled by the fact that while the staff provides zero service, they still had a tip jar on the counter. For what effort do they deserve a tip?

Perhaps my negative reaction to this ever more common standard of customer service is exacerbated by the years I spent in Japan where even in the most humble of coffee shops, the customer is an "honored guest" and is treated as such. The shop in question in this post "little t american baker" is no better or worse than the flood of such cafes popping up around town. Nevertheless I can't help but lament the utter loss of customer service that seems to typify this generation.

Having achieved the advanced age of 60 I have made the following decision: I will herefor cease and desist bussing of all tables except when my wife requests me to (at home only). I will tip generously for service, not at all for the lack thereof.

Citzens! Stand up for your rights! Enjoy your meal and depart leaving your dishes on the table!

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  1. It is about time people started paying attention to what passes for service these days. This reader agrees and approves of your decision.


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