Friday, January 14, 2011

New "Iconic" Floor

The University of Oregon has unveiled the floor de-sign of the new Matthew Knight arena. You are forgiven if you "don't get it". I don't either. At least we can rest assured that it cost a lot of money. Following are highlights as I understand them.

1. Graphics of Douglas-fir trees surround and overwhelm the floor creating a dizzying if not muddy image. The orange and brown color gives the impression of a stand of trees dying from a bark beetle infestation.

2. Slogan - Deep in the Woods. Does this refer to the plight of the visiting team or the tax payer?

3. Other Slogan - Kilkenny Floor. This is an obscure homage to the other rich guy (aside from Phil Knight) who has "contributed" to the university. For those lacking local knowledge this might well be misinterpreted as an advert for the manufacturer or installer of the floor.

4. Best Confusing Image - Thingy bob under the big O. While at first glance indecipherable, I am informed that this is a creative styling of the name MATT referring to Matthew Knight, deceased son of Phil Knight and namesake of the arena. An untutored reading of this might be TAT or MAM. According to the official explanation this image is constructed of two Japanese Torii (gates) bracketing the letter A. I didn't see this until it was explained. What the image of the Torii has to do with basketball, Matthew Knight, UO etc. is a mystery. My impression is that it is a rather fuzzy attempt at a display of spirituality. Perhaps the designer is not aware of the close relationship of the animistic Japanese Shinto religion and its close ties to militarism and the cult of the Emperor.
5. On a Practical Note - Where is the center line? Can the players see it? I can't. What is the effect on the psyche of visiting players? Is this an effort to render them disoriented?

In summary it is the humble opinion of this author that the design of this court is confusing, inconsistent, and excessively ambitious. My suggestion would be to sand it down and start over. How about a simple image of a Duck? As a UO alumnus I would find this preferable.

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