Monday, October 4, 2010

Guess what Steve's new hobby is!

My pal Steve just landed this 1983 Cadillac Deville "Rennaisance" This beauty was an aftermarket production by Wisco of Roseville MI. Both Wisco and R. S. Harper, firms which were best known for building "pimp cars," produced limited editions for those requiring that extra image bump that only a truly pimped out caddy can provide. Their customized features made ordinary Cadillacs "distinctively different" and "elegantly impressive". Wisco Cadillac Coup deVille came with custom, padded landau top, opera windows, door saddle trim, non-functional landau bars, chrome roof arch and chrome belt molding, limousine rear window, custom deck wheel and lower deck trim, and the most awsome "Rolls Royce" style grill work ever.

This baby has only 54,000 miles and runs great. I confess I didn't actually drive it on the road for fear of being pulled over for contributing to the delinquency of myself.
Every red-blooded American male should want one of these!

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