Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Perp Apprehended, Not Killed

Kudos to the Gladstone Police. Yesterday they apprehended the "Top Hat" carjacking suspect on the Clackamas River (directly behind our office). I unfortunately, did not get to witness this incident as I was out of the office at the time. The police had every chance to shoot and kill this idiot when he pulled up his shirt revealing a plastic gun stuck in his pants. They are to be commended for simply tasing and capturing him. I am afraid that if this happened in Portland our Perp would be on a slab at the morgue at this time. Thanks to KOIN Channel 6 for capturing the following video. I can tell you that our office staff were quite entertained by the entire episode!


  1. Yeah, another great day for the boys in blue! They tazed this sucker all right. So he was unarmed, offering no threat and exhausted from nearly drowning in the river. Gosh, maybe he was rude to the cops? Yeah! he deserves it. They should have killed him. Yeah. Lets all get a grip. don

  2. Wow, "anonymous" must be a colossal wimpo!. It was a oportoonity for the cops to sho what dudes they are and cap the perp!!

  3. No, seriously- behind your office? Is there any fishing there? Don


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