Tuesday, January 5, 2010

U of O Taj Majal

In the Oregonian this morning I read with dismay about the opulent new Academic Center for Athletes which is now complete at University of Oregon. I note with some nostaligia that the new center will accomodate some 130 tutors who will be employed to study for the jocks. I remember as a freshman at U of O in 1967 working as a jock tutor myself. I wrote papers and took tests for these morons. They could not graduate without someone covering for them. I am sure there are many exceptions to this rule but they are exceptions none the less.

At right behold the appalling bad taste exemplified by the student lounge complete with Italian leather lounge chairs. I particularly like the rug apparently designed to assist the athlete scholars in learning the alphabet.
The Oregonian also recently noted that Phil had placed 1.5 Billion dollars of Nike stock in a trust fund. He can afford to do pretty much anything he wants. How about scholarships for real students?
I actually used to know John Jacqua and cannot believe he would have signed off on this.
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  1. Oh that is a funny post. I have heard some stories from a friend who worked for the U.O.A.D. as a tutor also. www.youtube.com/luddite333


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