Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Face

Fair Reader,

You may be aware that I have railed on occasion against the current fashion of "social networking" on line. It is with no small amount of chagrin that I am hereby announcing my intention to set up my own Face Book page.

I have been inspired to do this by the fact that I have been receiving an increasing number of e-mail type messages and highly valued comic content via the Lady Wife's Face Book page as well as those of others. So, I want to make it quite clear that I am not taking this step because I want to Friend you, but rather in self defense out of the fear of being left out of the loop. Let's face it. I can little know (nor long remember) when anyone reacts to or comments on the contents of DRF.

More important however, than my profound sense of insecurity about being left out of something, I am keen on mining the comic potential of having my own Face Book Page. Last week I was watching the most recent episode of the NBC sitcom, 30 Rock. The characters introduced a social networking site called You Face. You can enjoy this in full streaming glory at:

So, if you receive a request to be "friended" by yours truly you have two choices:
1. Respond in the affirmative exposing yourself to my world and its inherent psychological risks.
2. Quietly stand up, carry your notebook computer to the kitchen sink, fill sink to a depth of 6 inches and submerge the computer for a minimum of 5 minutes. This should take care of the problem.

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  1. I tell you, it's a trap, sir!

    Seriously, Facebook is super-convenient, and it's a way of uploading photos and videos of the Lentil where most family members can see them, but it's also structured so that you accumulate an ever-expanding pool of "friends," and there's no polite way to get rid of the ones you never talk to. Also, you have to keep checking your privacy settings, because FB has a habit of changing everyone's settings to public without really asking.


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