Thursday, July 30, 2009

Odd Fellows Indeed

Emmert International of Clackamas Oregon contracted to move the 118 year old Odd Fellows Building to accomodate the construction of a new US Courthouse. Does it seem a bit dim witted to move a 118 year old brick building? Does yet another city need yet another monumental over engineered Federal Courthouse?

Work on the building transport stalled last month. General contractor Layton Construction says subcontractor Emmert International walked off the job, leaving the building perched on its own equipment. Oregon-based Emmert International, which specializes in moving heavy structures, claimed Layton Construction owes it money.

Terry (I can move anything whether it's a good idea or not) Emmert always has an entertaining difugilty in progress. Previous hilarious escapades included the destruction of a county sherrif's car by Terry's herd of buffalo, his attempt to become a major sports owner by purchasing a very minor local basketball franchis and hosting games at the long abused Eastmoreland Racquet Club and much more.

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